[Haskell-cafe] Seeking a small bug-fix for previously-posted code

Andy Elvey andy.elvey at paradise.net.nz
Mon Aug 15 18:58:43 EDT 2005

Bulat Ziganshin wrote:

>Hello Stefan,
>Sunday, August 14, 2005, 2:05:00 PM, you wrote:
>SH>  let format line = "[" ++ concat (intersperse "," (words line)) ++ "]"
>SH>  return $ map (mkVec . read . format)  $ lines str -- CORRECTED
>or just
>return $ map (mkVec . map read . words)  $ lines str
 Hi Bulat and Stefan - 

  Thanks very much for your help - very much appreciated!
 In spite of being a newcomer, I'm very much sold on Haskell's elegance 
and clean syntax.
  On the subject of whether this is a good way to learn Haskell -  
granted, it's probably not ideal.

 However,  I've already been through the GHC user guide (and also 
visited the "PLEAC" site on Sourceforge).
 I didn't find quite the code that I was looking for in either place, so 
I scanned the archives of this list as well (where I found the 
previously-posted code).  So that's three places ...

  If there were a  "Haskell cookbook" (as there is a Python one), I 
would have gone straight there.  I regularly use the "Python cookbook" 
site which is very useful . However, until there's a Haskell equivalent 
(which then newcomers could be pointed at) ,  it's pretty much a case of 
"finding what one can"  ... :-)   

 Many thanks again - I'll make this my last post for at least a week or 
two (to give others some bandwidth) -
 - Andy



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