[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] unsafePerformIO and optimizations

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at jeltsch.net
Tue Aug 9 04:04:09 EDT 2005

Am Montag, 8. August 2005 11:33 schrieb Simon Marlow:
> [...]

> This way leads to madness - GHC's optimisations are simply not designed
> to provide any kind of guarantee about maintaining sharing properties.
> The guidelines we've given for unsafePerformIO are enough to cover
> simple uses like global variables.  We should probably amend the
> documentation to say this.

How about unsafeInterleaveIO?  Are there any optimizations that could be 
dangerous here or is the bevavior of unsafeInterleaveIO independent of 

> Cheers,
> 	Simon

Best regards,

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