[Haskell-cafe] a newbie's question

Keith Wansbrough keithw at lochan.org
Thu Apr 21 15:13:14 EDT 2005

[sorry if you receive this twice; mailing list problems]

SCOTT J. wrote:

> Thanks for your assistance. I'm using now Notepad.exe . Before I did 
> it in Wordpad. I use Windows XP. I'm trying to solve this nasty problem

WordPad probably saved your file in RTF rather than TXT.  Keep using 
Notepad for now, but you really should find yourself a decent 
programmer's editor - I use Emacs, but maybe some Windows people can 
recommend what they use on that platform.

Also, if you want more helpful error messages, use GHC rather than Hugs.


--KW 8-)

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