[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haskell with Apache?

Andre Pang ozone at algorithm.com.au
Thu Apr 14 11:21:52 EDT 2005

On 14/04/2005, at 8:37 PM, Graham Klyne wrote:

> I'm interested in running Haskell code invoked from an Apache web 
> server request.  I discovered the mod_haskell project [1] which looks 
> prima facie v. promising.  Does anyone have any recent experience of 
> using this (there apparently being no recent activity on this 
> project)?

If you're using GHC, I don't think a mod_haskell is a feasible option 
right now, since Haskell code can't be compiled to a dynamic library 
(unless you statically compile in mod_haskell into Apache, which is 
pretty unusual these days, or you're on Mac OS X which supports dynamic 
libraries, but then you're treading on pretty new ground).  You're 
probably best off with a standalone CGI program.

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