[Haskell-cafe] Installing and running QuickCheck

Adam Wyner adam at wyner.info
Sat Apr 9 15:10:22 EDT 2005


I'd like to use QuickCheck for testing Haskell programs.  I'm using Hugs 
in Windows.  I'm a newbie to Haskell.

Just running QuickCheck.hs itself, which comes with the Hugs98 
libraries, I get an error message and the Monad command line, which 
indicates that quickcheck didn't load.

ERROR "C:\Program Files\Hugs98/libraries\QuickCheck.hs":147 - Undefined 
variable  "chr"

Here is the line in QuickCheck.hs which leads to the error.

instance Arbitrary Char where
   arbitrary     = choose (32,255) >>= \n -> return (chr n)
   coarbitrary n = variant (ord n)

This code is from the website:


I tested it with the following module, as per the instructions in on 
QuickCheck's manual page:
module TestQuickCheck


import QuickCheck

prop_RevRev xs = reverse (reverse xs) == xs
   where types = xs::[Int]
Loading just this, I get the same error:

Prelude> :l TestQuickCheck
ERROR "C:\Program Files\Hugs98/libraries\QuickCheck.hs":147 - Undefined 

I know others report using QuickCheck, so this problem must have been 

Also, I guess the quickcheck script is for Linux alone?  Any scripts for 
Hugs in Windows?

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