[Haskell-cafe] Seeking reference(s) relating to FP performance

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Wed Sep 29 12:18:50 EDT 2004

I've taken it as an article of faith that performance of FP language 
implementations has been improving quite steadily over the past few 
years.  I'd like to assert this, but I can't find any clear evidence to 
support such an assertion.  I note that the "about Haskell" page makes a 
similar assertion, but it doesn't offer any hint of supporting evidence:
Aren't functional programs very slow?

They used to be, but the compilers have now caught up. Haskell programs run 
fast enough for all but the most performance-demanding applications.
-- http://www.haskell.org/aboutHaskell.html

I'm looking for a reference -- informal will be enough -- that can give an 
perspective of progress in functional language implementation 
performance.  I'm not looking for a single benchmark that shows a case of 
blindingly-fast functional code, but a pointer to trends of improving 
performance.  It would also serve my purpose to have indications based on 
languages other than Haskell (e.g. ML and friends).

Any ideas, please?


Graham Klyne
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