[Haskell-cafe] mutually recursive modules

Alastair Reid alastair at reid-consulting-uk.ltd.uk
Fri Sep 24 12:55:39 EDT 2004

> A crude approach is to assume the type (\forall a. a) for any
> function with no prototype  

> Huh? How can that ever be sound?

You're right, it's not - my mistake.

I guess that leaves two options:

1) Insist on a prototype for any exported function.
2) Insist on a prototype for any imported function which is used.

The latter is more in keeping with Haskell's lazy checking of import clashes.

(There's a third option where you assume a type which you don't know anything 
about like (\exists a. a) but I'd be surprised if this let you typecheck any 
more useful programs.)


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