[Haskell-cafe] FilePath handling [Was: Writing binary files?]

Henning Thielemann nutscrape-zetem at henning-thielemann.de
Wed Sep 15 05:02:47 EDT 2004

Udo Stenzel wrote:

> The same thoughts apply to filenames.  Make them [Word8] and convert
> explicitly.  By the way, I think a path should be a list of names (that
> is of type [[Word8]]) and the library would be concerned with putting in
> the right path separator.  Add functions to read and show pathnames in
> the local conventions and we'll never need to worry about path
> separators again.

I even plead for an abstract data type FilePath which supports operations
like 'enter a directory', 'go one level higher' and so on.

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