[Haskell-cafe] intToWord32

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at aedion.de
Thu Oct 28 17:15:51 EDT 2004

John Velman wrote:
> I'm trying to test TclHaskell under Hugs98-Nov2003, compiled from source.
> My current problem with getting it to work seems to be a failure to load
> the function intToWord32.

"intToWord32" and friends have been deprecated more than 3 years ago, and
recent Haskell platforms have dropped the support for it completely. You
can easily use the more general "fromIntegral" as a replacement.

> [...] So ':names' thinks there is such a thing, but the loader doesn't?

Yep, it's only an internal function in that module.

> [...] I'm having trouble finding this syntax in the documentation

The "primitive" keyword is used for Hugs internals only. It means that the
runtime system has a C function registered with the given name. Think of
"primitive" as the glue between C and Haskell. It has got nothing to do
with any filenames.

> [...] (By the way -- I decided to try TclHaskell because it seemed to be the
> simplest way to get a graphical interface to an application going!  Any
> advice here will be appreciated as well.)

It really depends on your GUI needs,


offers a lot options in this area.


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