[Haskell-cafe] Are handles garbage-collected?

William Lee Irwin III wli at holomorphy.com
Tue Oct 26 16:33:40 EDT 2004

On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 10:22:23PM +0200, Tomasz Zielonka wrote:
> My road to Haskell went from C, C++ and Perl through Ocaml, Clean and
> Erlang. I was mainly motivated by dissatisfaction with languages I used
> at the moment. I am very happy with Haskell and I think I'll be using it
> for some time.
> I still use C++ at work, mostly because of performance requirements and
> participation in multi-developer projects (multi stands for 2-3 here).
> To be honest, I am very happy with what we managed to achieve in C++,
> but I still get angry when I code some more complicated but
> less-performance-critical parts and I think how easy it would be in
> Haskell :)

All C and assembly programming for kernels and firmware at work here.

-- wli

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