[Haskell-cafe] REMINDER: Contributions to the HC&A Report (November 2004 edition)

Andres Loeh hcar at haskell.org
Tue Oct 26 12:42:48 EDT 2004

Dear Haskellers,

the deadline for the November 2004 edition of the
Haskell Communities and Activities is approaching
quickly -- but there are still a few days left to make 
sure that the report contains a section on *your* 
project, on the interesting stuff that you've been 
doing, using or affecting Haskell in some way.

In particular, any information regarding upcoming, 
Haskell-related, events is highly appreciated 
(conferences, workshops, summer schools ...).

Many FP research groups have not yet updated their

Furthermore, please have a look at 


* Is your project listed, but not yet updated? Please
  write a short update!

* Is a project listed that you are no longer working on?
  Write up what you are working on instead, and tell me
  if someone else has picked up the project.

* Is something you have heard about not in the list? 
  Please let me know ...

There is still time to write a completely new entry,
on a new compiler, tool, library, company, user group,
idea, ... -- as long as there is a connection to the
Haskell language, there is a place for it in the

Submissions are due by the end of this week, that is

  Friday, 29 October 2004.

Please mail your entries to hcar at haskell dot org, 
in plain text or pseudo-(La)TeX format.

I look forward to receiving your contributions.

Thanks a lot,

  Andres (current editor)

Haskell Communities and Activities Report (http://haskell.org/communities)
11/2004 edition submission deadline: 29 October 2004 <hcar at haskell.org>

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