[Haskell-cafe] Re: Stream processors

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Thu Oct 21 15:35:13 EDT 2004

Ben Rudiak-Gould writes:

 > I'm not arguing about generality; I simply don't
 > understand how your interface is supposed to be used.
 > E.g.:

 >     do ctx <- start
 >        ctx1 <- feed ctx array1
 >        [...]

Note my original definition:

  type Buffer = (Ptr Word8, Int)

  data StreamProc ctx a
    = SP
      { start  :: IO ctx
      , feed   :: ctx -> Buffer -> IO ctx
      , commit :: ctx -> IO a

So you would use it like this:

  foo :: StreamProc ctx a -> IO a
  foo sp = do
    ctx <- start sp
    (ptr,n) <- "read buffer"
    ctx' <- feed sp ctx (ptr,n)
    commit sp ctx'

 > The important thing is whether, from the caller's
 > perspective, the function is pure. If it's pure, it
 > shouldn't be in the IO monad [...]

My stream processors are not pure.

 > I think you're hoping to have it both ways, capturing
 > destructive- update semantics and value semantics in a
 > single interface. [...] You must decide whether to
 > enforce single-threading or not.

Uh ... I am genuinely uncertain what single-threading versus
multi-threading has to do with my API problem. The API
should allow _both_, obviously, and I think it does.

What I am trying to find is an _abstract_ API that has the
same properties but doesn't depend on a specific data type.
Right now I have the stream processor version of 'StateT',
but I want the stream processor version of 'MonadState m'


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