[Haskell-cafe] Subsequence near solved hopefully

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at ii.uib.no
Sun Oct 17 16:10:44 EDT 2004

Remi Turk <rturk at science.uva.nl> writes:

>> Wouldn't that be looking for a sub*string*, and not a (general)
>> sub*sequence* (which I think does not have to be contigous?)

> Do you mean "subset" with "subsequence"?

No, since a set isn't ordered.  

I would say a subset needs to contain some of the elements of the
superset, a subsequence needs to contain some elements of the
supersequence in the same order, and a substring (for lack of a better
term) is a contigous subsequence.

But I may be wrong.


PS: I feel queasy about "strand", since that has a different meaning
in biology (DNA consists of two strands).
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