[Haskell-cafe] functional programming school

Ralf Laemmel Ralf.Laemmel at cwi.nl
Fri Oct 15 08:02:58 EDT 2004

Matthew Roberts wrote:

> I am looking for a functional programming summer school in the next 12 
> months.  I realise there was one August this year, does anyone know of 
> any others coming up?

July 4-8 2005 will be an international summer school on
generative and transformational techniques in software
engineering, in Portugal. As it turns out there will be
several talks with an FP background. However, this summer
school is going to be more about software engineering
than about teaching advanced functional programming. Still
interesting I hope! Details will be posted in a week or
two, also on the main Haskell list.
So stay tuned.

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