[Haskell-cafe] Re: IPv6?

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Fri Oct 8 11:14:53 EDT 2004

On 08 October 2004 15:11, John Goerzen wrote:

> I probably could figure out how to do that based on the existing IPv4
> code.  Some small parts of IPv6 support are already there.
> However, I'd have two questions:
> 1. Wouldn't there need to be some sort of discussion first to ensure
> that all the compiler/interpreter implementors do it the same way?

We all share libraries, so anything you do to Network.Socket will appear
in all the compilers, provided it is portable enough.

If there are issues about how the interface to IPv6 should be exposed to
the programmer, then the best place to discuss it is
libraries at haskell.org.  I suspect that it'll be pretty straightforward,
though - Network.Socket is a low level interface that just tries to
re-expose the OS primitives as a Haskell library.

> 2. I don't know anything about the autotools stuff save that it does
> not get along very well with me.  If I submit a patch that assumes
> that IPv6 support is available, would somebody be able to add the
> appropriate tests and ifdefs around it to ensure that it really is?

Probably... we have one or two autoconf-compliant hackers amongst the
GHC regulars.


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