[Haskell-cafe] Re: OCaml list sees abysmal Language Shootoutresults

Robert robdockins at fastmail.fm
Thu Oct 7 09:04:17 EDT 2004

Here is a quick fix for the Random Numbers category.  Looks like a
classic space-leak, again on the arithmetic operations.  Speeds up
results for me about 6X and brings memory usage down out of the

w/o strictness:

~/shootout$ time random 900000 +RTS -K32000000

real    0m0.756s
user    0m0.670s
sys     0m0.050s

w/ strictness:

~/shootout$ time random 900000 # <-- don't need massive heap

real    0m0.139s
user    0m0.100s
sys     0m0.010s

  robdockins at fastmail.fm

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