[Haskell-cafe] Integrating Haskell into a J2EE environment

Paul Hudak paul.hudak at yale.edu
Wed Oct 6 16:39:23 EDT 2004

Ok, I understand.  I don't know much at all about J2EE, in fact!  I 
would just hate to see an interesting project be abandoned if all that 
is needed is a simple way to invoke the Haskell code with a string 
argument, say.  Perhaps Shoeb can tell us more about what he needs.


Doug Kirk wrote:
> Yes, I agree, and didn't mean to write off Haskell (at which, I'm 
> completely a newbie, trying to learn, and thankful for your book!).
> However, I'm a Java pro, and there are many technical issues on the Java 
> side that scream at me to keep out of the native arena, especially in a 
> J2EE container environment, where funny things can happen with hot 
> reloads (dumping old ClassLoaders for new ones), clustering, and the like.
> So it wasn't out of denigration of Haskell that I made my 
> recommendation; far from it...from what I've seen Haskell is perfect for 
> implementing DSL's. Rather, from the Java side is where it becomes 
> problematic. There have been many problems integrating with native 
> libraries from within a J2EE container, and I try to seek the most 
> cost-effective way (I'm an independent consultant) to get the problem 
> solved for my customers.
> --doug
> On Oct 6, 2004, at 2:59 PM, Paul Hudak wrote:
> I wouldn't write off Haskell so quickly.  All of what Shoeb describes 
> concerning DSL issues might be much more easily solved in Haskell, and 
> will certainly be more flexible than a hard-wired approach.  The J2EE 
> interface might be ugly, but if the functionality needed is not too 
> great it might not be too bad.  Generally speaking, these kinds of apps 
> -- in this case "a DSL for high-level business rules" -- sounds like 
> just the sort of thing that Haskell is good for.
>   -Paul

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