[Haskell-cafe] Re: OCaml list sees abysmal Language Shootout results

Tomasz Zielonka t.zielonka at students.mimuw.edu.pl
Wed Oct 6 13:55:43 EDT 2004

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 01:23:56PM -0400, Andre Pang wrote:
> I've been watching this thread with interest, and posted my own 
> thoughts on this thread and Haskell's performance in general as a blog 
> entry.  Rather than repeat it all here, I'll post a link to it:
>   http://www.algorithm.com.au/mt/haskell/haskells_performance.html

I feel a bit guilty for my ugly wc implementation. At the moment of
writing the first version I was thinking only about efficiency, not
about elegance.

I shouldn't have use unsafeRead, because it doesn't give such a big
advantage here if you take the danger into account.

Secondly, my solution fails to separate file iteration from the algoritm
for the problem. We have already created on this list a version which is
fast and quite elegant at the same time, and I feel this one is better
for the shootout even if it's slower than the one currently used (but it
doesn't use unsafeRead). The good news is that the development GHC 6.3
compiles this to code which is almost as fast as the ugly one.

Maybe we should vote: which wc implementation should go to the shootout?

Best regards,

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