[Haskell-cafe] Haskore Wiki (really Haskore T-shirt)

Fritz Ruehr fruehr at willamette.edu
Mon Nov 29 16:41:58 EST 2004

Henning and others who are interested in Haskore might want to check 
out the Haskore-themed T-shirt available from CafePress:


Note that the 8 laws of polymorphic temporal media appear on the rear 
side of the shirt: just click on the "View Larger Images" link to see 
them. (I could also cut a cheaper, one-sided version of the shirt if 
anyone is interested.)

I made this design for Paul Hudak without realizing that there would be 
a big market for Haskore shirts (so I am pleasantly surprised).

As always, we here at Haskell-Themed Merchandise, Inc. make no profit 
on the merchandise we sell at cost through CafePress.

   --  Fritz Ruehr

PS: There are also some Haskell-themed infant/toddler clothing items 
that haven't made it onto the Haskell merchandise page yet, see 
<http://www.cafepress.com/HaskellBoys> and 
<http://www.cafepress.com/HaskellGirls>. HTMI's marketing department 
has been duly chastised for the delays :) .

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