[Haskell-cafe] Predicates in HaXml

Tom Spencer t.e.spencer at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 06:52:51 EST 2004

> This is probably the simplest way of doing your specific task, but
> there are of course other ways.  The tool Xtract has a parser for
> XPath-like expressions, including more complex predicates, which get
> translated directly to combinator-style accessors.  Unfortunately,
> the set of combinators used in Xtract is slightly different from
> those in the rest of HaXml, but they bear a close relationship.

Before i start, I apologise for the simplicity of these questions, here goes:

I am just trying out a few things with the Xtract tool. I have a
simple XML document:


I am using the Xtract query /greetings/greeting[1]/- hoping to get the
text "world"
mkElem "h1" [applypred (keep) (parseXtract "/greetings/greeting[1]/-")]

but this just returns the entire xml document. Have i got something
fundamentally wrong here?

Tom Spencer

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