[Haskell-cafe] Re: Pure Haskell Printf

Andreas Rossberg rossberg at ps.uni-sb.de
Tue Nov 16 07:57:08 EST 2004

Keean Schupke wrote:
> I of course meant strongly-typed, you cannot pass a pointer to an int 
> where a pointer
> to a float is required ... modern C compilers require you to explicitly 
> cast.

According to the C standard,

   void f(float *p) { *p + 1.0; }
   void g(void *p) { f(p); }
   void h(int n) { g(&n); }

is perfectly valid (though undefined).

> Where
> it fell down was all that automatic type promotion, and providing unsafe 
> casts.

And other things, like unions, varargs, etc. Not to speak of subtyping 
in C++...

> There is now a typesafe 'C', but I can't remember what it is called - 
> presumably it uses some kind of linear-alias typing to make pointers safe.

Do you mean Cyclone?



	- Andreas

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