[Haskell-cafe] Lnear algebra library for game programming.

Serguey Zefirov thesz at mail.ru
Sun Nov 7 14:52:52 EST 2004

Right now I explore the possibilities of building the prototype
for game physics library in Haskell. This is a purely hobby
approach to gain more knowledge on Haskell and library design
in general.

One of intermediate steps is to build linear algebra library for
further utilisation. But, here I face some difficulties.

In C++ I could define needed operators on per-type basis, and define
universal operators for, say, Vec3 * Mat3x3, Vec3 * Mat3x4, etc.

In Haskell I should define different operators, something like `v3mulm3x3`,
`v3mulm3x4`. This is somewhat inconvenient, given that I expect to utilize
Vec2,3,4 and Mat(3,4)x(3,4) parametrized by Double and Float.

So the question is: what other people do in situation like this and is there
any paper(s) on linear algebra library design?

Yours truly, Serguey Zefirov, theszATmail.ru.

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