[Haskell-cafe] Re: Processing of large files

Alexander Kogan alexander at kogan.nnov.ru
Thu Nov 4 04:11:06 EST 2004

В сообщении от 4 Ноябрь 2004 11:54 Tomasz Zielonka написал(a):

> Note that the things marked 'unevaluated' above, could be already
> evaluated by some other computation.

Ok, I understand.

> > 2. If so, is there method to _completely_ evaluate expression?
> Most of the time you don't need it. But if you think you do, search
> for DeepSeq. I think that Data.Generics could be also used for that.

Could you suggest me - should I use it for this task?
I have a very large list of pairs (ip::String, size::Integer) - this is a log 
from IP accounting, and I need to sum size for each ip.
The length of list is more than 2 000 000.

Alexander Kogan
Institute of Applied Physics
Russian Academy of Sciences

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