[Haskell-cafe] A simple question

Henning Thielemann iakd0 at clusterf.urz.uni-halle.de
Wed Nov 3 04:06:23 EST 2004

On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Marc Charpentier wrote:

> Doing some calculations in ghci, I encountered a difficulty which I 
> cannot resolve.
> Here's a distilled version, prepared for the command line:
> 	let i = 2 in (-1)^i/(2^(10*i)) * (-2^5/(4*i+1))

Monomorphism was the short answer, the long one is:

Written this way 'i' must have the same type at each occurence. But (^i)
requires some Integral type for i and (/i) requires some fractional type
for i, I guess there is no such type. You can resolve this problem also by
an explicit conversion:

(-2^5/(4 * fromIntegral i + 1))

But this still leaves the interpreter uncertain, what Integral type to
use, so you might want to give an explicit signature: 

let i = 2 :: Integer in ...

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