[Haskell-cafe] different arities

Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva mtgontijo at yahoo.com.br
Tue Nov 2 17:43:52 EST 2004

Em Ter, 2004-11-02 às 18:09, Henning Sato Rosen escreveu:
> data Fun = Increment | Square
> fun:: Fun -> Int -> Int
> fun  Increment n = n+1
> fun  Square      = (\n -> n*n)

I think that this is because you gave two definitions of the same
function with different number of variables.

fun Increment n = n+1
fun Square n = n*n

will do it.

You don't have to go that far to see this error, you can do something

add :: Int -> Int -> Int
add 5 = (+10)
add x y = x + y

Will give you the same error message.

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