[Haskell-cafe] greencard and callbacks

Vincenzo aka Nick Name vincenzo_mlRE.MOVE at yahoo.it
Thu May 6 14:36:15 EDT 2004

I realize that I myself might have already asked this question to some 
of you, but I am really confused now. Can I have some opinion on "what 
is the right way to implement callbacks from C to haskell"? Will I have 
to learn the FFI and stop it, or is there some tool to automate the 
process? I need to bind a single function which takes a record of 
callbacks, and that's all.

Can greencard support callbacks? If yes, can someone provide a simple 
example? I thought to do:

import Foreign.GreenCard


%fun doit :: Int -> (Int -> Int) -> IO ()
%code printf("%d",arg2(arg1));

which does not work, as someone might already have expected :)

Thanks all


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