[Haskell-cafe] operating on nested monads

MR K P SCHUPKE k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Mar 27 12:17:51 EST 2004

For operating on nested monads is do:

declare a class MonadIO which contains the IO functions along
with monad monad-transformer lifted versions, for example:

class Monad m => MonadIO m where
   ioPrint :: Show a => a -> m ()

instance MonadIO IO where
   ioPrint = print

instance (MonadIO m,MonadT t m) => MonadIO (t m) where
   ioPrint = up . ioPrint

where MonadT is defined:

class (Monad m,Monad (t m)) => MonadT t m where
   up :: m a -> t m a
   down :: t m a -> m a

instance Runnable (m a) (m a) where
   run = id

instance (Monad m,Monad n,MonadT t m,Runnable (m a) (n a)) => Runnable (t m a) (n a) where
   run = run . down

instance (Monad m,MonadT t m,Monad (t m)) => Runnable (t m a) (m a) where
   run = down

You can then define MonadMaybe similarly... you end up with code like:

test :: (MonadIO m,MonadMaybe m) => m a
test = do
	ioPrint "something"
	c <- ioGetChar -- note: c is automatically lifted into MonadMaybe by 
		-- MonadMaybe's definition of up in class MonadT
	return Nothing

Then to call it you must specify the stacking:

main :: IO ()
main = do
	case run (test :: MonadMaybeT MonadIO Char) of
		Just x -> print x
		Nothing -> print "NOTHING"

I have not defined MonadMaybeT here... but its fairly straightforward.


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