[Haskell-cafe] class Runnable vs fromJust (was Re: haskell idiom for reversible computations)

MR K P SCHUPKE k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Mar 23 20:30:09 EST 2004

The problem with Runnable is that it is not ewasily implementable
for all monads... So purists rather than implement it for some don't 
implement it at all.

Here's some examples:

class Runnable x y where
   run :: x -> y

instance Runnable (m a) (m a) where
   run = id

instance Runnable (s -> m a) (s -> m a) where
   run = id

instance (Monad m,Monad n,MonadT t m,Runnable (m a) (n a)) => Runnable (t m a) (n a) where
   run = run . down

instance (Monad m,MonadT t m,Monad (t m)) => Runnable (t m a) (m a) where
   run = down

These declare runnable for monad-transformers for which "down" is definable 
down is the functional opposite of lift (or "up" as it is sometimes called)

The state monad transformer needs an instance of Runnable if you want to
pass a value in:

instance (MonadState st (StateT st m),Monad m,Monad n,Runnable (st -> m s) (st -> n s)) => Runnable (StateT st m s) (st -> n s) where
   run = run . (\(ST m) s -> do
      (_,a) <- m s
      return a)

instance (MonadState st (StateT st m),Monad m) => Runnable (StateT st m s) (st -> m s) where
   run = \(ST m) s -> do
      (_,a) <- m s
      return a

Whereas defining Runnable for the continuation-monad-transformer is quite a challenge:

instance (MonadT (ContT r) m,Runnable ((r -> m r) -> m r) ((r -> n r) -> n r)) => Runnable (ContT r m r) ((r -> n r) -> n r) where
   run = run . (\(CT m) kappa -> m kappa)

instance MonadT (ContT r) m => Runnable (ContT r m r) ((r -> m r) -> m r) where
   run = (\(CT m) kappa -> m kappa)

	Have Fun.

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