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Thu Mar 11 12:00:19 EST 2004

> A colleague with a mathematics and Lisp background is wanting to learn
> more about Haskell. The books he's looked at concentrate more on building
> up from the basics and getting the syntax right, etc., whereas really he's
> looking more of a top-down view that makes Haskell's features and behavior
> clear and relates them to category theory, etc. Would anyone be able to
> suggest some good references?
>-- Mark

For lispers, I like to point out this sentence of section 6.4 of the Haskell
98 Report:
	Haskell provides several kinds of numbers; the numeric types and
	the operations upon them have been heavily influenced by Common 
	Lisp and Scheme.

For mathematicians, I'd recommend the first 5 pages of:
Calculating Functional Programs, Jeremy Gibbons, 2002
calculating    Then I'd mention the Acid Rain Theorem, Fusion Theorem,
Wadler's _Theorems for Free!_.  When I'd show some exemplary fp programs:

Bridging the Algorithm Gap: A Linear-Time Functional Program for Paragraph
Formatting.  Oege de Moor and Jeremy Gibbons, 1999

Financial Contracts: An Adventure in Financial Engineering, 2000 Simon
Peyton Jones, Jean-Marc Eber, and Julian Seward

Functional Specification of JPEG Decompression, and an Implementation for
Free, Jeroen Fokker, 1995 http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/72092.html

Modeling Web Interactions, Paul Graunke, Robert Bruce Findler, Shriram
Krishnamurthi, Matthias Felleisen, 2003

Haskell Server Pages Functional Programming and the Battle for the Middle
Tier, Erik Meijer, Dannyy van Velzen, 2000

Writing High-Performance Server Applications in Haskell, Case Study: A
Haskell Web Server, Simon Marlow, 2000
http://www.haskell.org/~simonmar/bib.html (about the 4th one down)

And then, the more introductory material:

Why Functional Programming Matters, John Hughes
and here's a summary of the paper:

Section 3.1.3 of SICP:

Why no one uses functional languages, Philip Wadler, 1998

here's an old, but still relevant summary of some issues keeping fp from
taking over the world:

Some general links:

Hope this isn't too overwhelming, but it was an opportunity for me to gather
my thoughts.


John Atwood

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