[Haskell-cafe] Polymorphic algebraic type constructors

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Wed Jun 23 13:06:02 EDT 2004

Interesting, I think...  If I understand correctly, the use of 'just' does 
indeed make it rather too untyped for my taste.

It's been a while since I looked at the "boilerplate" work, but looking at 
your code I think it depends on gmapQ of the polymorphic value to be 
converted.  Does your generic Haskell processor generate this automagically?

Anyway, it reminds me of a private communication I received on this topic, 
suggesting that the "problem" could be resolved by making the polymorphic 
container type an instance of Functor, and using fmap to do the 
conversion.  This ensures that the other constructors only need to be 
mentioned once (in the fmap instance).


At 18:19 23/06/04 +0200, Ralf Laemmel wrote:
>Graham Klyne wrote:
>>If I have a polymorphic algebraic type (T a) with several type 
>>constructors, only one of which actually references the type parameter, 
>>is there any way to express type conversion for the 
>>type-parameter-independent constructors without actually mentioning all 
>>the constructors?
>Just for the record, using gunfold (from boilerplate paper II)
>and cast (from boilerplate paper I), one can do this in a weird
>way. The default equation becomes:
>f g s = just (shallow_rebuild s)
>-- instead of f g s = s
>The shallow_rebuild function rebuilds the top-layer of a term.
>Polymorphism is no problem here because the constructor is built from scratch.
>The dirty bit is "just" which goes from Maybe to Certainly.
>Code attached for fun. This particular solution is perhaps too untyped,
>but some bits of this solution were surprising for me.
>{-# OPTIONS -fglasgow-exts #-}
>import Data.Typeable
>import Data.Generics
>-- Representation of kids
>kids x = gmapQ Kid x -- get all kids
>type Kids = [Kid]
>data Kid  = forall k. Typeable k => Kid k
>-- Build term from a list of kids and the constructor
>fromConstrL :: Data a => Kids -> Constr -> Maybe a
>fromConstrL l = unIDL . gunfold k z
>  where
>   z c = IDL (Just c) l
>   k (IDL Nothing _) = IDL Nothing undefined
>   k (IDL (Just f) (Kid x:l)) = IDL f' l
>    where
>     f' = case cast x of
>           (Just x') -> Just (f x')
>           _         -> Nothing
>-- Helper datatype
>data IDL x = IDL (Maybe x) Kids
>unIDL (IDL mx _) = mx
>-- Two sample datatypes
>data A = A String deriving (Read, Show, Eq, Data, Typeable)
>data B = B String deriving (Read, Show, Eq, Data, Typeable)
>-- Mediate between two "left-equal" Either types
>f :: (Data a, Data b, Show a, Read b)
>   => (a->b) -> Either String a -> Either String b
>f g (Right a)    = Right $ g a       -- conversion really needed
>-- f g (Left  s) = Left s            -- unappreciated conversion
>-- f g s         = s                 -- doesn't typecheck
>-- f g s         = deep_rebuild s    -- too expensive
>f g s            = just (shallow_rebuild s) -- perhaps this is Ok?
>-- Get rid of maybies
>just = maybe (error "tried, but failed.") id
>-- Just mentioned for completeness' sake
>deep_rebuild :: (Show a, Read b) => a -> b
>deep_rebuild = read . show
>-- For the record: it's possible.
>shallow_rebuild :: (Data a, Data b) => a -> Maybe b
>shallow_rebuild a = b
>  where
>   b      = fromConstrL (kids a) constr
>   constr = indexConstr (dataTypeOf b) (constrIndex (toConstr a))
>-- Test cases
>a2b (A s) = B s            -- silly conversion
>t1 = f a2b (Left "x")      -- prints Left "x"
>t2 = f a2b (Right (A "y")) -- prints Right (B "y")

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