[Haskell-cafe] online judge with Haskell

Tomek Noiński noix at sphere.pl
Wed Jun 23 07:41:19 EDT 2004

I have read a post to this list from about a year ago, considering
Haskell support on online judges, like acm.uva.es. I think our
online judge (a system for the verification of the correctness of
submitted programs, which solve problems selected from a repository)
might interest you.

The Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) is available at http://spoj.sphere.pl,
and supports solutions written in 20 different programming languages
including Haskell.

We would like to invite you to solve problems at our server. At present,
nearly half of the rapidly expanding problemset (currently more than 60
tasks) can be solved using functional languages easily within the

It is possible to add tasks dedicated to functional programming and the
development team will be glad to cooperate if you are willing to create
some new interesting problems.

With best wishes,

Adrian Kosowski,
Michal Malafiejski,
Tomasz Noiński,
Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

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