[Haskell-cafe] humor

Matthias Kilian kili at outback.escape.de
Fri Jul 30 15:55:19 EDT 2004

On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 04:41:24PM +0200, enrico.santoemma at tin.it wrote:
> When I met Java some time ago, I said to myself: "Java is a great language
> to write IDEs for the Java language".
> Now that I'm looking for Haskell source code (perhpas that there is another
> way to learn a language than to spy on others?), I'm tempted to say: "Haskell
> is a great language to write libraries for the Haskell language"

I'd say, Haskell would be an excellent language to write an abstract
interpreter for Java byte code for code analysis, error detection etc.

Or even a *concrete* interpreter aka JVM :-)

If there only were a ready-to-use library that just reads (not interprets)
Java byte code into some abstract form. Unfortunately, that's the really
boring part.


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