[Haskell-cafe] Random Numbers for the beginner ?

Crypt Master cryptmaster at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 6 15:09:53 EDT 2004


I have tried I swear, even googled for 45 minutes, but I cant seem to get 
random numbers working.

In the documentation is has:

rollDice :: IO Int
rollDice = getStdRandom (randomR (1,6))

But if I type "getStdRandom (randomR (1,6))" into hugs in the context of 
module which imports Random, I get get errors.

ERROR - Unresolved overloading
*** Type       : (Random a, Num a) => IO a
*** Expression : getStdRandom (randomR (1,6))

Roll dice takes no parameters and returns an IO Int. So in thoery (mine at 
least ;-) ) running this as an expresion should work. I should get an IO Int 
back from the interpreter ?

So I added RollDice to my module. This doesnt error, but it doesnt return 
anything except blank spaces:

HasGal> rollDice


Integers or nums should automatically have show correct? So this should show 
me something ?

Ultimatly I want to get randomRs infinite list working so I can build

            randNums = (take (length popList) [1..])

where the length of pop list is how many random numbers I want.  My code 
works as it, just need to replace [1..] with some random numbers.



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