[Haskell-cafe] Newbie questions

Crypt Master cryptmaster at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 3 04:52:02 EDT 2004


Very very helpful, thanks. I wasnt sure about the "From" on the end, but I 
get the subtle change in way you see it. Much better than mine.

Using you other advice I got:

gaSolutionSpaceFrom :: a -> [a]
gaSolutionSpaceFrom p = iterate evolvePopulation p

and even managed to curry it :-)   :

gaSolutionSpaceFrom :: a -> [a]
gaSolutionSpaceFrom = iterate evolvePopulation

Thanks again.



I think you mean:
gaSolutionSpaceFrom :: a -> [a]
gaSolutionSpaceFrom x = x : gaSolutionSpaceFrom (evolvepopulation x)

gaSolutionSpace = gaSolutionSpaceFrom createRandomPopulation

Note that "a" above should be replaced with your population type.

Also note the "iterate" function in the standard library does just this.

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