[Haskell-cafe] Producing fortran/C code with haskell?

Alastair Reid alastair at reid-consulting-uk.ltd.uk
Sat Jan 31 12:24:20 EST 2004

> Where could I find information on such topics, or existing libraries to
> generate programs with haskell? Is somebody willing to share what (s)he
> already did?

A possibly useful resource is:

My cross-module inliner for C contains a bunch of type definitions to 
represent C code, a pretty-printer, a C parser (which supports al the gcc 
extensions) and various useful libraries (e.g., generate dependency graph, 
estimate size of generated code, etc.)

It is GPLed, the code for manipulating C is clearly separated from the 
application that uses it.

You can get it from:


Alastair Reid            haskell-consulting.com

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