[Haskell-cafe] Favorite/recommended math books

andrew cooke andrew at acooke.org
Thu Jan 29 09:44:43 EST 2004

the second half of this thread (the first half is a bit cliquey unless
you're a lambda regular, i guess) contains some info on my search for a
good introduction to category theory.


there may also be more info at
(username/password : list/list)

(i can't remember which has information from which and how much they
overlap).  also, that last url may (will!) change since it's a dhcp
assigned address, so if it's useful grab a copy :o)

(i'm looking for something at the undergrad level, but most seems to be
aimed a bit higher.)


Greg Buchholz said:
> 	I was wondering if the Haskellers out there have any favorite math
> texts they recommend for someone hoping to improve their programming
> skills by learning more math.  I'm thinking about something at the
> undergraduate level that you enjoyed reading.  What about Mr. Haskell
> Curry's _Foundations of Mathematical Logic_?
> Greg Buchholz
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