ghc optimization of incremental update

Doug Brown doug at
Mon Jan 12 14:52:14 EST 2004

Does ghc make any attempt to analyze dataflow and eliminate unnecessary
copying for incremental updates?  I compile the code below with -O, and
based on the time it takes to run I'd guess it's copying the array with
every update, even though there's no need in this particular case to do
that.  Perhaps there's a compiler flag or pragma to turn on the analysis?

	module Main where
	import Array
	main = print (take 1 (reverse (elems (array_neg (setup 100000)))))
	setup i = listArray (1,i) [1..i]
	-- the next three lines are the important part.
	array_neg array = array_neg2 (length (elems array)) array
	array_neg2 0 array = array
	array_neg2 i array = array_neg2 (i-1) (array // [(i,-i)])

I realize I can force it to stop copying if I use a Monad, and there
are of course more efficient ways to code this contrived testcase.
I want to know if ghc can make it efficient as it stands.

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