[Haskell-cafe] More help for the newb

Matthew Morvant mmorvant at bigfatreddog.com
Sat Feb 21 09:29:26 EST 2004

I have gotten past the syntax errors and am now into type errors.  Hopefully
if I get some help with one I can fix the rest on my own.


Here is the funct


36 code3 :: [b] -> [Char]

37 code3 = do{char '!'; digit; char 's'; many (do char 's'); return "Suc"}
+++ do{char '%'; char 's'; digit; many (do digit): return "Suc"}


ERROR "C:\Documents and Settings\mmorvant\Desktop\haskell.hs":37 - Type
error in application

*** Expression     : many do {...} : return "Suc"

*** Term           : many do {...}

*** Type           : Parser [Char]

*** Does not match : [Char]    

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