[Haskell-cafe] coercion to Int

lothar lothar at mailvault.com
Thu Dec 30 13:19:09 EST 2004

what coercion can i use to get the below program to compile?

i see
    class  (Real a, Fractional a) => RealFrac a  where
    round  :: (Integral b) => a -> b

    class  (Fractional a) => Floating a  where
    sqrt      :: a -> a

fillK_ :: Int -> Int
fillK_ x = round (sqrt x)         -- line 2

Hugs session for:
H:\Program Files\Hugs98\lib\Prelude.hs
Prelude> :load xva
Reading file "xva.hs":
Type checking
ERROR "xva.hs":2 - Instances of (RealFrac Int, Floating Int) required for
definition of fillK_

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