[Haskell-cafe] ANN: MissingH 0.8.0 ("Festive Lambda")

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Thu Dec 23 21:55:18 EST 2004

MissingH 0.8.0 -- the "Festive Lambda" release

New feature summary:

 * Virtualized I/O system
   Use familiar functions to work on not just Handles but all sorts of
   other types, including in-memory buffers. (HVIO module)

 * Virtualized filesystem
   Extends the virtual I/O concept to the filesystem, supporting
   entire virtual filesystems, and operations such as renames,
   stat(), etc. on them.  (HVFS module)

 * Network server infrastructure
   Makes it easy to write a network server in Haskell.  Functional
   interface permits easy adding of things such as multithreading,
   logging, etc.  Functions to do these things are provided.
   Patterned loosely after Python's SocketServer system.
   (SocketServer module)

 * Full, pure-Haskell FTP server
   Provides a full FTP server over a real or virtual (HVFS)
   filesystem.  It's a SocketServer server, so you get multithreading
   for free.  Supports passive eand port modes.

   See below for an example:
 * Many path/file manipulation functions imported from
   Volker's HsShellScript.

 * Existing MissingH.IO functions updated to be HVIO compatible.

MissingH 0.8.0 is available from:





Here is an example of a fully self-contained FTP server that serves
up the local filesystem in read-only mode:

import MissingH.Network.FTP.Server
import MissingH.Network.SocketServer
import MissingH.Logging.Logger
import MissingH.IO.HVFS
import MissingH.IO.HVFS.Combinators

main = do
       updateGlobalLogger "" (setLevel DEBUG)
       updateGlobalLogger "MissingH.Network.FTP.Server" (setLevel DEBUG)
       let opts = (simpleTCPOptions 12345) {reuse = True}
       serveTCPforever opts $
            threadedHandler $ 
            loggingHandler "" INFO $
            handleHandler $
            anonFtpHandler (HVFSReadOnly SystemFS)

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