[Haskell-cafe] Question regarding theis mailing list and Google Groups

Arjun Guha guhaarju at grinnell.edu
Thu Dec 16 15:48:30 EST 2004

Does anybody out there use Google Groups Beta to post to the 
`fa.haskell' group?  I am directly subscribed to the email list, 
however I was trying some new things and it seemed like `fa.haskell' 
was vaguely related to the Haskell Café list.  However, my post has not 
shown up on Haskell Café.  Does anyone here know what's going on?  I 
posted the following code to the `Haskell problem please help' thread:

 > rotations:: [a] -> [[a]]
 > rotations xs = rotate (xs ++ xs) len where
 >   len = length xs
 >   rotate _ 0 = []
 >   rotate ys n = (take len ys):(rotate (tail ys) (n - 1))

Did anyone receive this?


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