[Haskell-cafe] Named function fields vs. type classes

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Tue Dec 14 09:47:21 EST 2004


I often have a situation where I'm designing specialized components to
do a more general task.   Examples could include mail folder code (maildir,
mbox, etc), configuration file parsing, protocol handlers for URL
accesses, logging backends, etc.

For some of these, I've used a data object with named fields, each one
of them being a function that performs various tasks (open connection to
the URL, read data, whatever.)  So, I get a standard interface.  The
advantage of this approach is that I can build a list containing all
sorts of different data objects in it.

For others, I've used typeclasses, and made the different specialized
components a member of the typeclass.  This seems to provide a cleaner
interface, and one that is more readily extended (maybe I want to
support IMAP folders, and support all its searching capabilities too).

On the other hand, it's difficult or impossible to make a list of a
bunch of different types of things that have nothing in common save
being members of the class.

Is there any advice on the best way to do these things?



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