[Haskell-cafe] Parse text difficulty

Robert Dockins robdockins at fastmail.fm
Thu Dec 9 10:36:01 EST 2004

Ketil Malde wrote:

> Robert Dockins <robdockins at fastmail.fm> writes:
>> > And I thought that most programmers used "zipWith", which has to be
>> > prefix.
>>[1..5] `zipWith (+)` [7..]
> You don't have a computer at your end of the internet? :-)

Yes, but I'm at work, and I try to limit the amount of time I spend on 
my hobbies while on the clock; thus I have not haskell 
compilers/interpreters here because otherwise I'd spend all of my time 
playing around with haskell instead of doing what I'm supposed to ;-)
Haskell is a lot more fun than Java.

>   Prelude> [1..5] `zipWith (+)` [7..]
>   <interactive>:1: parse error on input `('
>   Prelude>  let zwp = zipWith (+) in [1..5] `zwp` [7..]
>   [8,10,12,14,16]

I thought that might be the case.

To the haskell gods:  is there a technical reason for this or did it 
just happen?

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