[Haskell-cafe] Re: Non-technical Haskell question

Philippa Cowderoy flippa at flippac.org
Mon Dec 6 13:54:24 EST 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Robert Dockins wrote:

> > On 6 Dec 2004, at 17:29, John Goerzen wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> That is an excellent point.  Who would use an ls or cp that requires
> >> 10MB of RAM, especially on embedded devices?
> >>
> >
> > This is presumably just because we don't have 'smart' linking, so the
> > whole library is bundled in. I imagine in principle smart linking would
> > be possible...
> Indeed, and it would probably help with the xwHaskell bloat from a
> diffent post.

The strip utility helps somewhat, I just dropped a wxHaskell app from a 10
meg .exe to about 3.6 megs under windows (grab a mingw distro for a
strip.exe). It's still not wonderful, but I suspect the growth in binary
size with new Haskell code will be reasonably tame at least (the app I
tried is fairly low on functionality).

A stripped "sig generation" utility I just hacked up came down to 344K
under win32, which is still big for what it does but at least it's

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