[Haskell-cafe] Practical Question: Large memory items

GoldPython goldpython at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 09:55:59 EST 2004

In another thread's discussion, we touched on the implementation of a
text editor. It invariably comes up, in building a text editor, as to
whether to allow editing of things larger than will fit in memory,

And so, practical concerns enter in that, in my mind at least, take us
away from solving the conceptual problem at hand, and now the focus
shifts to implementation details that we'd rather not be bothered

One approach is to let the OS's virtual memory take care of it.
Sometimes this is fine, sometimes not, often times around issues of
performance, where a completely general purpose swapping device can't
perform as well as a more specifically targeted design.

Question: Should the Haskell runtime enviroment provide swapping
services for large objects?

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