[Haskell-cafe] OT: A little AI fun

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Mon Dec 6 00:42:06 EST 2004

For kicks, I set up a MegaHal AI bot named MegaMonad on
irc.freenode.net#haskell today, trained with the logs from this year's
conversations on that channel.  Here are a few quotes, thought you
might enjoy them.  (A few made more sense with context, so "User" is
what was said to MegaMonad, and "MegaHAL" is the response.)

To me java is a monomorphic type.

i just have to capture their scope to me.

User:    Java is evil
MegaHAL: How experienced he is evil evil evil.

"phd student" means you are talking at the moment.

If you insult and anger your teammates, they're not first class functions?

MegaHAL: And interfaces can only put it another way, but you can sequence a
         bunch of noobs.
User:    I haven't seen any prefixes, and NO, you can't just sequence 
         all of us noobs!!
MegaHAL: Yes from the ground while wrapped around the right sequence
         of strings in the sequence too.
User:    a noob monad ?
MegaHAL: (Lots of monad if you throw me a noob.

User:    what is haskell?
MegaHAL: Well, i'd ask john hughes about using haskell actually.
User:    Good advice.

User:    what is scheme?
MegaHAL: Man i love scheme.. So i'll do freelance coding of this 
         is a neat solution.

User:    but what _is_ Haskell?
MegaHAL: It's is always stupid peoples to do this in haskell.
User:    You traitor!

Many people *don't* have a conscious will to build a box with the
existing instances of the language

haskell programming is kind of stimulant drug or something?

User:    shapr likes unicycles.
MegaHAL: This is very generic nowadays, and include mixed languages
         like haskell after a variable x which i have two unicycles,
         and mountain unicycles.

User:    Isn't coding refraction easy once you have done reflection?
MegaHAL: It reminds me of the reflection of the functional world,
          the same as refraction.

Vegai starts a summerjob as a directed graph.

if you want ml you know type info, but also sort of weenie.

User:    have you ever met Simon?
MegaHAL: Simon^2 expands to simon simon.

Boegel why is that haskell is devishly mind bending.

Ok, rebooting to install several of the life of the universe.

User:    do you ever shut up ?
MegaHAL: Shapr: don't know. I just need to find something you import a
         module th at lets me easily use the debs to build a
         linux/x86, so 10.1 is a kind of german music is stuff i like
         it might contain serious mistakes, and i'm stuck on (cont ag
         (tupletag n), ...), because cont expects a directory or
         what-have-you.  The s hort answer and wouldn't shut up and at
         the farthest end leasable compute time.

The reason i ask igloo to do icfp in a system where the case, on a
category theory can improve your code, then it's too late to unicycle.

User:    linux
MegaHAL: Metasteganographic obfuscation is a go too, its got the 
         "cloud of objects" syle rather than linux that would be it.

User:    are you evil?
MegaHAL: I seem to get into it if using jakarta collections

User:    I suspect that really, you are part of the Microsoft Cabal
         that's plotting to take over Haskell!!!
MegaHAL: So cabal would be even easier, with generic haskell back to plotting.
User:    cabal and jakarta
User:    I knew it!

User:    haskell is a warm gun
MegaHAL: Er. Depends what you want in the warm part of a gun.

User:    I think you should soothe the frustrated blackdog.
MegaHAL: Blackdog: you might be a bit frustrated.

Ah. C# is not that safe.

User:    is ssh turing complete?
MegaHAL: Shapr: you have little choice if that is complete enough 
         to be turing complete.

MegaHAL: Me going to use java for a lisp weenie.
User:    are you comparing Lisp weenies to Java weenies?
MegaHAL: To me java is a confusing network of stream data, 
         write out the weenies.

I mumble to those late-night commercials like the darcs repo from the
end of the lexical language

User:    Bush or Kerry?
MegaHAL: I'll re-port it and mention them on the grounds that emacs
         and xemacs are, but kerry has to get a vote for kerry.

User:    the summer is a long time to wait to push those changes.
MegaHAL: I was just wondering how much time to wait for it to push.
User:    they usually push in a couple of minutes
MegaHAL: 6 Minutes if you couple it with mud and other permission fields.

beginning perl is possible, but untested.

User:    ttyl good night
MegaHAL: Ok night....thanks for the night.
User:    \msg MegaMonad you weren't supposed to talk about that in public!

User:    how many roads must a man walk down?
MegaHAL: But man is not a walk in the type system much like java.

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