[Haskell-cafe] Sound library?

Jeremy Shaw jeremy.shaw at linspireinc.com
Fri Dec 3 15:30:50 EST 2004

At Fri, 03 Dec 2004 14:39:45 -0500,
Jason Bailey wrote:
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> I'm new to Haskell so I didn't realize it had that much of a performance 
> issue. If you could find those bindings I'd appreciate it, at the very 
> least it would give me a starting point on where to go frrom here.

I actually have no idea how fast a native haskell implementation would
be. But I do know that it would take a long time to write one compared
to writing libmad bindings :) Writing a good quality mp3 decoder is a
big project.

This page ought to give you an idea of how easy it is to get wrong:


The only *downside* of libmad I found is that it is GPL, not LGPL or
BSD. But, even then, they offer a commercial license, so...

I will attempt to get what I have online tomorrow...

Jeremy Shaw.


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