[Haskell-cafe] problem building hmake on Mac OS X

Steven Elkins sgelkins at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 05:05:30 EST 2004

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build hmake on version 10.3.6 of Mac OS, having
installed the ghc 6.2.2 dmg I found on haskell.org, but I'm
encountering the following problem:

Steven-Elkins-Computer:~/haskell/hmake-3.09 sge$ make
cd src/hmake;          make HC=ghc all config
/Users/sge/haskell/hmake-3.09/lib/powerpc-Darwin7/config:9: ***
missing separator.  Stop.
make: *** [targets/powerpc-Darwin7/hmake-ghc] Error 2

Here's lib/powerpc-Darwin7/config:

Steven-Elkins-Computer:~/haskell/hmake-3.09 sge$ cat
INSTALLVER="3.09 (2004-11-13)"
INSTALLINFO="config: powerpc-Darwin7/ by
sge at Steven-Elkins-Computer.local on Thu Dec  2 04:43:46 EST 2004"
GHCSYM=#pragma GCC set_debug_pwd "/Users/sge/haskell/hmake-3.09"

In case Gmail wraps this, line 9 has the oracular '602'.

Finally, here's the ./configure output:

Steven-Elkins-Computer:~/haskell/hmake-3.09 sge$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
Configuring for hmake... [ 3.09 (2004-11-13) ]
Looking for already-installed Haskell compilers:
  Looking for hbc...   (not found)
  Note: LMLDIR/HBCDIR variables must be set to enable detection of hbc.
  Looking for ghc...   found 6.2.2
  Looking for nhc98... (not found)
I am guessing that you want to use ghc to build hmake.
  Now I'm creating targets/powerpc-Darwin7/hmake3.config for your installation.
                   Configuration report for hmake.
    (You can re-run configure to change settings before proceeding.)
You wish (eventually) to install the following components in these locations:
    (Installation directories are not created/checked at this stage.)
Final install root:   /usr/local
hmake binaries:       /usr/local/lib/hmake/powerpc-Darwin7
Scripts:              /usr/local/bin
Man pages:            /usr/local/man/man1

Now we check/create your build directories:
Config directory:      targets/powerpc-Darwin7
Build directory root:
    /Users/sge/haskell/hmake-3.09/targets (exists)
Object files build in:
    /Users/sge/haskell/hmake-3.09/targets/powerpc-Darwin7 (exists)
Executables and libs:
    /Users/sge/haskell/hmake-3.09/lib/powerpc-Darwin7 (created)

I have guessed you will build hmake with:   ghc
Testing for the curses library:             -lncurses (detected) 
Testing for the readline library:           -lreadline (detected)
Executables need .exe suffix?               no  (detected)
Found /usr/bin/true not /bin/true

Adding Makefile config script to
Adding build scripts for hmake, hmake-config, and hi to
Updating targets/powerpc-Darwin7/hmake3.config...
Saving current configuration in targets/powerpc-Darwin7/config.cache

Steven-Elkins-Computer:~/haskell/hmake-3.09 sge$


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