[Haskell-cafe] too much like Java

enrico.santoemma at tin.it enrico.santoemma at tin.it
Mon Aug 30 12:56:09 EDT 2004

Hello again. I began coding the haskell prototype of the java app I told
here some weeks ago. I'm finding myself writing a new module where in Java
I'd have written a class, and exporting from the module only the type, the
constructor and the functions. By now I'm only writing the functions' signature.

The topic is CRM, and modules are stuff like orders, products, invoices...

I'm asking a little help just to be sure I'm not going in the wrong direction.
My doubts come from the fact that this design looks too much like if I am
writing Java code.
I know that when it is the time to implement the functions I'll take advantage
of the functional way, but by now I'm not using it at all.

The exact question is: where one has tenths of entities, is it correct to
write a module (in the form of ADT) for each entity?


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