[Haskell-cafe] Using -fcontext-stackXX in an OPTIONS pragma

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Tue Apr 6 11:27:01 EDT 2004

Contrary to the manual, -fcontext-stackN is a static flag, so you have to set it on the command line, I'm afraid.  I'll fix the manual.


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| Hi!
| I am currently trying to use GHC 6.2 together with the OPTIONS pragma.
| My program is generating files and needs to set the context stack
| differently for different files. I try to do this using the OPTIONS
| pragma, by having this line at the top of my files:
| {-# OPTIONS -fglasgow-exts -fcontext-stackXX #-}
| (where XX is some generated number)
| However, compiling this gives me an error:
| Test.hs: unknown flags in  {-# OPTIONS #-} pragma: -fcontext-stack60
| Is it supposed to be possible to set the context stack using the OPTIONS
| pragma, and if so, what am I missing?
| /Anders
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